First Visit

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New Patient Form 

As an allied health provider there is a small amount of paper work that we will need to be filled out before your first appointment. We suggest all new patients arrive at the clinic 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment or to save time you can download a copy of the new patient form and bring it in with you.

Download New Patient form here


What To Expect After Your First Adjustment

All patients heal differently. People feel many different ways after a first adjustment. This is because they have different levels of interference affecting different nerves in the spine. You may feel….


Immediate relief

Most patients feel some relief immediately after their first adjustment. Although you may feel immediate relief, problems with your spine may have existed a long time so several adjustments may be needed before the vertebrae can be restored to correct alignment and normal nerve function returns.


Minor Discomfort

You may also experience some extra swelling or feel a little “adjustment sore” after your first visit. This will settle down over the next few days.

Sometimes you may feel sorer after an adjustment, especially when you begin care. It’s like starting an exercise program. Your unused muscles will get that post-exercise soreness. This is a good sign that you are moving in the right direction, and not an indication to stop exercising. When your spine begins to move better through tailored and specific adjustments, it will alter the surrounding tissues. This can cause some soreness. If you are concerned, speak to us at your next appointment.

Each visit will build on the last and should notice an improvement after each adjustment 


Sticking to Your Care

The schedule of appointments the Chiropractor sets for you is designed to give you optimal results. On completion of your initial schedule you will receive a progress exam. This is to assess your improvement and suggest new strategies for your care. We do this to give you an indication of your progress and will also ask you objective questions to determine the level of improvement. Your schedule will then be adjusted accordingly.