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  • Our Chiropractor uses a variety of techniques such as spinal manipulation and the more “traditional” manual adjustments tailored to your individual circumstances  Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, without the use of surgery or drugs. Chiropractors work towards restoring and maintaining normal spinal function, and encourage patients to make the […]

  • The Activator Method® is one of the most widely researched chiropractic techniques and the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficacy. It is the most popular low force Chiropractic technique and its protocol tells us if subluxations exist and their location. It also helps us know when to adjust and when not to adjust. […]

  • Posture is the window to the spine… Poor postural alignment can indicates increased amounts of strain on all of the spinal tissues, it can also indicate poor spinal alignment and abnormal function. At Mooroolbark Chiropractic Centre we use technology to analyse your posture using computerised analysis of digital photographs to assist us in our diagnosis and provide […]

  • New patients may be asked that they undertake a set of Chiropractic specific full spine x-rays especially if they have never received an x-ray before. X-rays are taken for many reasons: [su_list_fav] Disease – We look for any evidence of severe illness that may need medical treatment (some serious illness can refer as back pain) Trauma – […]

  • Atlas Orthogonal explained The major chiropractic premise: the nervous system has a regulating effect over all bodily functions interference to nerve function (including brain and peripheral nervous system incorporating peripheral sense organs such as the eyes, ears and concerning smell) can result in poor health the skeletal system, primarily the spine can interfere with the […]

  • Do you suffer from some of the following? Lack of energy Stress Depression Sleep disturbances Anxious Exhausted in the morning Feel like life is getting too overwhelming Tight shoulders and neck muscles Regular headaches that worsen as the day progresses Feel cold and tired often Are you experiencing digestive issues and/or hormonal issues? Are you sensitive […]

  • Are your feet making you sore? Then maybe you need a computerised foot scan from our Mooroolbark Chiropractor to assess how you are walking and using your feet. Although many people believe that each foot only takes half your body weight during walking, actually walking creates forces through the feet of about one to two […]