New patients may be asked that they undertake a set of Chiropractic specific full spine x-rays especially if they have never received an x-ray before.

X-rays are taken for many reasons:

  • Disease – We look for any evidence of severe illness that may need medical treatment (some serious illness can refer as back pain)
  • Trauma – Looking for any evidence of trauma, such fractures or previous broken bones
  • Presence of Wear and Tear – Spinal decay is how your body deals with the stress of everyday wear and tear. If we notice one area of the spine undertaking accelerated degeneration, we want to know why
  • Spinal Misalignments – Evidence of poorly aligned vertebra can be observed such as scoliosis can go undetected. We can use this information to help create a plan where to start and what needs to be addressed.

X-rays act as a blueprint of your spine and without an x-ray we would only be guessing at what treatment you require. We normally request Chiropractic specific x-rays that target areas of concern that we would like to investigate further. All x-rays are bulk billed * with a valid Medicare card.

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